“Which country is this?” – Video of bride asked to lie down before her husband on their traditional wedding day goes viral

A traditional wedding ceremony has taken the internet by storm, featuring an extraordinary moment where the bride lies before her husband.

The footage showcases a unique marriage rite, with the husband seated on a regal chair while the bride rests on a red carpet between them.

The bride’s unconventional position becomes the focal point of the ceremony as she proceeds to engage in a series of distinctive gestures.
With the husband sitting in a manner reminiscent of a king on his throne, the bride lies sideways twice and then mildly claps her hands thrice before gracefully standing up.

The entire sequence unfolds against the backdrop of a curious crowd, witnesses to this atypical matrimonial ritual.

The TikTok video has triggered a flood of reactions across social media platforms, with netizens offering different interpretations.

Netizens Reactions…
@mariontukundane42 said; “I think she is showing sleeping styles.”

@Onwuzulike Maryneche commented; “So if I bath finish make I rub my body for ground for person wey go still cheat?”

@precietendo commented; “This is how we show respect to our husbands in Zambia.” @nachieurshiempanga said: “Those saying I can’t do such, is it yo culture? She’s not complaining. Let people be with their own culture and let them embrace it peacefully.”

@user6008459550162 said; “Everyday I find a new reason to stay single. Imagine after all this and a man takes you for granted. I love the instrumental though.”

@Blessing commented; “This is some of the reasons why I’m still single.”

@beauty said; “In Zambia, it is one of the ways to show respect to your husband.”

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