VIDEO: Davido, Wizkid hug at party stirs reactions among fans

VIDEO: Davido, Wizkid hug at party stirs reactions among fans

In a widely circulated video, music icons Davido and Wizkid were captured sharing a moment of camaraderie at a beach event, signaling a clear resolution of any previous doubts about their friendship.

The video, which quickly went viral, showcased a strong bond between the two artists, who have often been at the center of fan debates over their music.

In the clip, Davido and Wizkid exchanged hugs and tight embraces, emphasizing the camaraderie between them.

The video, which has taken the internet by storm, depicts the two artists engaging in dancing and relaxation, showcasing a bond that transcends past rivalry.

The highlight of the reunion is a synchronised dance to Wizkid’s hit song “Feel,” symbolizing a departure from any past conflicts or tensions.

In some reacts gathered by TRIBUNE ONLINE on Sunday, @NigeriaStories posted “This beautiful video of Davido and Wizkid vibing to FEM at the club is so beautiful to watch.”

@motivatedpso “The message is for the fans of both patties, who always make irrelevant noise and fight over nothing while both Davido and Wizkid are pally.”

@Olanrewaju1503, “They are good together”

@SylverValentina “30bg and FC will not like this”

@Akposukale “They’ve always been cool, na fans get issues”

Another X users said @Ad3sanya_ “How don’t know how Burna boy will feel about this.”

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