Top clubs lobby to reduce number of teams in Serie A

Serie A’s big four clubs are reportedly rallying for 18-Team league reform in upcoming FIGC meeting

The world of Italian football is abuzz with discussions about a significant shake-up in Serie A’s structure, potentially reducing the league to an 18-team format. Key players in this unfolding drama include giants Milan, Inter, Juventus, and Roma, who have all rallied for talks with FIGC chief Gabriele Gravina, signalling a collective push towards this transformative agenda.

The Push for Change
In a scenario that’s drawing considerable attention, these top clubs have made their stance clear: a leaner league could be the way forward. With an invitation extended by Gravina, the dialogue seems to be off to a harmonious start.

This meeting of minds is not just about reducing the number of games to ease the congested fixture list but also about addressing the elephant in the room – the economic implications of such a reform.

Despite Gravina laying out a plan that aims to cater to various needs, it’s met with resistance from Serie A, throwing a spotlight on the complexities of reaching a consensus. For the reform to see the light of day, it would need the backing of at least 14 teams, a hurdle that’s yet to be crossed.

Beppe Marotta’s recent conversation with Gravina, alongside input from three Juventus executives, underscores the high-stakes nature of these discussions.

The Road Ahead
As the debate heats up, the viewpoints of the smaller clubs remain a wildcard in the equation, with a critical meeting slated for Monday that could chart the course of Italian football.

The Big Four’s advocacy for change is clear, viewing a reduction in matches as a strategic advantage in today’s competitive climate. Yet, the path to reform is fraught with challenges, not least of which is securing the broad support needed to turn this vision into reality.

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