“Stop dishing out advice to real parents on how to raise children” – Mary Njoku blows hot

Nollywood actress Mary Remmy Njoku has slammed those dishing out parental advice on how to raise children without having one themselves.

She said on her Instagram page that people shouldn’t give actual parents advice on how to raise their children if they don’t have any children or don’t have full custody of them.She reminded them that parenting is about practice, not theory, and asked them to keep their opinions to themselves.

Mary Njoku continued by saying that after they have their own children, they can test out their ideal concepts.

Her post reads: “If you don’t have kids yet if you have never been FULLY responsible for a Child. Off mic pls. Stop dishing out advice to REAL parents on how to raise one!! Keep your opinions to yourself! Parenting is practical not theory.”

Captioning her post, Mary wrote: “You can experiment with your perfect ideas when you have yours!! And May God give you many. Amen.”

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