Six Things You Should Keep Private In Life-Prophet Joshua Iginla Reveals

Prophet Joshua Iginla, the founder and presiding General Overseer of Abuja based Champions Royal Assembly, in a message shared on his official Facebook page, has revealed six things’ believers should keep private in life. Below are the things, as shared by the cleric

  1. Keep Your Income Private; according to the cleric, everybody must not know your financial value and flow. Many people have attracted attacks and robberies to their lives because they expose their income and source. As a believer, you must be mindful of who you tell what you earn. Do not reveal your Secrets to people. Be secretive and careful how you divulge personal information to people.

Six Things You Should Keep Private In Life-Prophet Joshua Iginla Reveals
2. Relationship Life; as a believer, your courtship or marital life must have a high level of privacy. Many marriages have been scattered because of careless exposure. Keep your relationship life private. Every meaningful relationship or marriage can last if privacy is understood. Your privacy is the most important area of life in sustaining your marriage and relationship; do not take it for granted.

  1. Your Health Status;

As a believer, you must not disclose your health status to people. If you are carelessly sharing your health status with people who have no medical experience, you are putting your privacy at risk. You must keep your health status to yourself. Only share with people who can help you get better. Three people you must confide in are your doctor, your lawyer and your pastor.

  1. Keep Other People’s Secret; as a believer, do not in any way castigate people or expose the secret they told you. You must learn to keep people’s secrets a secret.

  2. Keep Your Weakness Secret;

You must only confess your weakness to people who can help you, not people who will use it as a tool to further mesmerize your life. If you share your weakness with the wrong people, they will cause you further harm. Your weakness must only be Known by yourself not any other person.

  1. Your Dreams, Goals And Future Plans;

Some dreams and plans have been stolen because of careless exposure. Do not reveal your future goals to people. Only surprise them with your dreams and plans by action when they despise you.

The cleric has then prophesied into the life of believers in his words thus; “I prophesy, God shall separate you from people who will use your private life to publicly hurt and break you down, In Jesus mighty name”

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