“She even beats my mother” – Victor Ike, brother to Emeka Ike, speaks on his brother’s ex-wife

"She even beats my mother" - Victor Ike, brother to Emeka Ike, speaks on his brother's ex-wife

Victor Ike, brother of veteran Nigerian actor, Emeka Ike has corroborated his brother’s story about his ex-wife while adding she also beat their mother.

The actor had revealed in an interview recently that his ex-wife had wrecked him by lying he assaulted her.

Since then, she has also sold all of his properties and prevented him from contacting his children.

His brother who was tired of the narrative that was spun on social media by Daniel Regha and other internet users shared further information on the issue.According to Victor Ike, everything Emeka said was true and he further added that the ex-wife used to connive with her mother to beat their mother.

He claimed she spoilt Emeka Ike’s relationship with the rest of the family as he always defended her despite her wrongdoings.

In his words;

“@DanielRegha & Co, Please don’t be judgmental when you don’t know their stories.
Emeka Ike is my blood brother, and everything he said @channelstv was 100% true. He didn’t even mention how she and her mother constantly beat my mum whenever she visits. He needs to see his kids

He has always loved and stood for her even when she lies against his own family. Most of us in the family are not in good communication with him just because of her,so it is false to claim that the man who disowned his family for her was a wife beater.Don’t hurt him with his kids”

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