“She can’t spell clinic” – Aspiring auxiliary nurse with iPhone 14, bone-straight hair scores 3/20 in exam

A Nigerian lady aspiring to be an auxiliary nurse sat for an exam while holding an iPhone and wearing bone-straight hair, reportedly scoring 3 out of 20 in her exam.

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In a TikTok video, the voice of a Nigerian man could be heard discussing a situation where a lady arrived at their hospital aiming to become an auxiliary nurse.

‘She can’t spell clinic’ – Aspiring auxiliary nurse with iPhone 14, bone-straight hair scores 3/20 in exam
However, despite her trendy appearance with bone-straight hair and an iPhone, she only scored 3 out of 20 in a spelling test.

The man, whose voice is heard in the video, displayed the result sheet, commenting that the lady couldn’t even spell ‘clinic.’

His statement, along with the lady’s performance, has captured the attention of many social media users after the video surfaced online.

Here are some reactions below:

DHOLU: “‎See handwriting sef.”

Debbie BNSC/RN: “‎Na them dy spoil this nursing profession.”

Leoakah: “‎teach her, since una no wan pay people wey go school.”

sweet natasha: “‎Una don finally catch me.”

NurseLilyann: “‎Na them dey spoil nursing profession for 9ja.”

Big Nita: “‎Must u disgrace my sister?”

Augustina Emenike: “‎nah the kind people wey dey full private hospitals. Dem go come use your body for practicals.”

Onyinyechi: “‎Looking at this writings you should know that this person has Dyslexia don’t make fun of them.”

stacia706: “‎Nurse Eliza Osim auxiliary nurse na them they spoil this profession for us.”

user1763413504944: “‎If she no know book make she no dress, there’s no sense in this please.”

successfulBella: “‎When Ghanaian student nurses are using there uniforms to buka for TikTok.”

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