“N30 million scam”- Nigerian man pays for ‘direct work visa’ to Canada, discovers all travel documents are fake

A Nigerian man has reportedly fallen victim to a scam involving a fake direct work visa to Canada, losing a substantial sum of N30 million.

The shocking revelation came to light through a TikTok video shared by Grandma Shasha, a travel advisor, who exposed the fraudulent scheme.

The heartbreaking story unfolded on social media as Grandma Shasha, a well-known travel advisor, took to TikTok to expose a fraudulent agent who reportedly scammed a client of N30 million under the guise of securing a direct work visa to Canada.

‘N30 million scam
In the video, Grandma Shasha shared the victim’s painful experience and also demonstrated how to distinguish a genuine Canadian visa from the fake one he received.

According to Grandma Shasha, the victim had paid the hefty sum of N30 million to an agent who promised to facilitate a direct work visa to Canada.

The unsuspecting man eagerly awaited his visa, only to discover that he had fallen victim to a well-orchestrated scam.

Grandma Shasha shared an image of the alleged fake visa in the TikTok video,

In her video, Grandma Shasha issued a stern warning to potential visa applicants, urging them to thoroughly vet agents and verify the authenticity of visas before parting with any funds.

Netizens Reactions…
@Onyeukwu K Sebastine said; “I swear the agent and his or her family go go down.”

@adetolawaziri commented; “Any visa you did not go and take by yourself at the embassy is fake.

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