“Mini Jet Li” – Netizens questions as hairstylist make ‘frontal ponytail’ for Aunty Ramota

"Mini Jet Li" - Netizens questions as hairstylist make 'frontal ponytail' for Aunty Ramota

Popular social media sensation, Aunty Ramota, has caused a frenzy amongst Netizens as hairstylist beautifies her with “frontal” ponytail.

The video was shared on microblogging platform, X, by social media influencer, @dammiedammie35.

Aunty Ramota could be seen sitted in what is supposed to be a saloon, while the hairstylists fawned over her.

Even though it is obvious there is no hair on her head, they kept applying gel while calling it a “frontal” ponytailThe hairstylists hyped her for the hairstyle while Aunty Ramota looked pleased at their words.

See some reactions to the video

@__arike_adey reacted: “Weytin dem Dey Aunty Ramota no good o ???
Lai shey Jet Li ?????”

@the_bendavid wrote: “Those people wey dey talk for the background dey mad?”

@DiianaD_ asked: “Mini jetli?”

@Anthonytyga said: “reallifebarbie” preparing for detty December???”

@Okikiolaoluwa added: “I no know who Dey whyne pass between tailors and hairdressers ???‍♂️”

@emperorzola reacted: “Aunty Ramota don go do Xmas hair ?”

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