“Make I carry one eye go house because I dey perform” – Boy Spyce on being ‘stoned’ with cash

"Make I carry one eye go house because I dey perform" - Boy Spyce on being 'stoned' with cash

Singer, Boy Spyce finally speaks as he shows marks left on his face after a big boy used wads of cash to ‘stone’ his face while he was performing on stage.

Gistreel recalls that yesterday, a video made the rounds, showing the moment a certain big boy decided to assault the budding singer with moneyIn the video which surfaced online, Boy Spyce was performing on stage when the fan was pelting him with the wads of cash.

Apparently, the act had left marks on his face and he took to social media to lament.

Following the seeming assault, Boy Spyce has stated that the only reason he continued to perform on that day following the stoning was because of his huge respect for his fans.

He attached a photo showing the welt that the wads of money caused on the region just below his right eye.

Sharing the photo, he captioned …

“Make I carry one eye go house because I dey, perform, noted! Y’all should learn to respect artistes fr!! I get it’s all love and stuff but wtf would you stone a bundle of money on my face! Spray and go! I respect the people that paid to watch me na YY normal Spyce go don walk out . Be respectful”

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