Lady shares strange encounter with cab driver

In a series of tweets, a woman identified as Allison detailed the bizarre incident that unfolded when she booked a ride.

According to her, as she stepped outside, a woman in a Toyota Corolla pulled up and insisted that she was the one sent to pick her up.

However, Allison noticed that her ride was supposed to be in a black Toyota Matrix, not a Corolla.

Despite the driver’s claims that her Matrix was at the mechanic, Allison stood her ground and refused to get into the wrong car.

To Allison’s relief, her actual cab driver in the Matrix arrived at the scene. She double-checked the details on her app and confirmed that the number plate matched.

The Matrix driver was just as confused as Allison, as she had not come to pick anyone else up.

This raised suspicions about the intentions of the fake cab driver and whether there was a potential collaboration between the two women.

As the journey continued, the cab driver asked Allison if she had added any additional trips or if she wanted her to wait for her at the destination.

These questions further heightened Allison’s concerns about the situation. Both drivers wore dark shades, adding an extra layer of mystery to the encounter. Thankfully, Allison remained vigilant and arrived safely at her destination, avoiding any further danger.

She wrote;

“Something veryyyyyyy strange just happened I booked a ride and it’s a lady with a black Toyota Matrix. She called to say she’s outside. I go out, she’s parked at house 5. Once I came out, a Toyota Corolla parks just in front of me (a lady too) and asks me to come in. I looked up and saw the Matrix and I told her I think the person she came to pick up isn’t out yet cos my app says a Matrix, not Corolla.

“Tell me why this lady goes yes I know, my Matrix is at the mechanic, so I’m using this one now and I came to pick you up. I told her she didn’t come to pick me up cos I can see the Matrix I’m supposed to go with and she still insisted that it’s me she came to pick up, that her Matrix is at the mechanic. Matrix drives down to where we were, I checked my app and the number plate was what

“I had on the app and I went with her. Even the Matrix was confused after I told her what happened cos how exactly??? I was told she left as soon as I did. She didn’t come to pick anybody up What if the Matrix lady was in on it so, a lady too came around. Cos that one was asking me when we got to my destination if I added a trip. More like if I wanted her to wait for me so that she could take me somewhere else too. Plus they both had dark shades on fgs!”

See the tweet below:


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