How my husband of 6 months divorced me for calling my ex – Lady

A South African lady has opened up on how her marriage crumbled merely 6 months after tying the knot, all because of a seemingly innocent phone call to her ex-boyfriend.

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The heart-wrenching story emerged during a discussion on a podcast, where the young lady delved into the details of her marital breakdown, attributing it to her husband’s deep-seated insecurities and accusations of infidelity.

The young lady, whose identity remains undisclosed, disclosed during the podcast that her marital woes stemmed from her husband’s extreme jealousy and monitoring of her interactions, which ultimately led to the breakdown of their marriage.

According to the woman, her husband’s controlling behaviour included forbidding her from maintaining friendships with males and closely scrutinizing her interactions with others.

The situation reached a boiling point when, on a seemingly ordinary day, she decided to call her ex-boyfriend whom she admitted missing at that particular moment.

However, her attempt to reconnect with her former boyfriend took an unexpected turn when her ex-boyfriend failed to answer the call.

Little did she know that this innocent action would become the catalyst for the end of her marriage.

Her husband discovered the call and confronted her, accusing her of infidelity with her ex-boyfriend.

The distraught wife, in her narration on the podcast, shared that her husband not only confronted her about the call but also took the matter to their wedding officiating pastor, alleging her of marital infidelity.

In the latter part of the podcast, the lady clarified that she was not engaged in any form of infidelity and had no intentions of cheating on her husband.

She emphasized the innocence of the phone call and expressed her dismay at the lack of trust that ultimately led to the breakdown of their marriage.

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