Family Of Comic Nigerian Actor, Mr Ibu Clarify Recent Report Circulating Regarding Amputation Of Leg

Family Of Comic Nigerian Actor, Mr Ibu Clarify Recent Report Circulating Regarding Amputation Of Leg

The family of ailing actor, John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu, has emphatically clarified recent reports suggesting he underwent amputation on both legs. Contrary to earlier statements by the President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Dr Emeka Rollas, the family, in a post shared on Mr Ibu’s Instagram page, explained that a second amputation was performed on the same leg that had undergone the initial procedure.

This clarification stemmed from the belief that the first amputation had not entirely addressed Mr Ibu’s health issues.Addressing concerns about Mr Ibu’s health, the family disclosed that the decision to perform a second amputation was necessitated by persistent blood clotting issues in his leg, involving diseased blood vessels. They clarified that the actor is not diabetic, debunking any assumptions related to diabetes. Instead, the family emphasized that various health challenges, coupled with the risk to his life, led to the critical decision for the second amputation.

Despite rumors circulating about Mr Ibu being flown abroad for advanced medical treatment, the family clarified that doctors have deemed him “Not fit to fly.” This revelation sheds light on the challenges associated with Mr Ibu’s health that extend beyond the possibility of seeking treatment abroad.

The family’s statement urged Mr Ibu’s friends, colleagues, fans, and the Nigerian public to keep him in their prayers. They emphasized the importance of avoiding the spread of unconfirmed reports about the actor’s health, emphasizing the need for accurate information during this challenging time. As they provided this update, the family conveyed that Mr Ibu, the legendary comic star, is in the process of recuperating.

The family’s clarification sought to dispel misconceptions surrounding Mr Ibu’s health condition, shedding light on the complexities of his medical challenges and the decisions made to address them.

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