“Don’t post my child” – Sophia Momodu clashes with Tunde Ednut

"Don't post my child" - Sophia Momodu clashes with Tunde Ednut

Davido’s baby mama, Sophia Momodu clashes with Tunde Ednut after the U.S.-based blogger made a post about her daughter and Tiwa Savage’s son.

The former singer-turned-blogger shared a throwback video of Davido and Sophia Momodu’s daughter, Imade, engaging in a playful argument with Tiwa Savage’s son, Jamil BalogunThe clip captured Imade and Jamil discussing their relationship during a car ride, with a playful disagreement arising when Jamil referred to Imade as his sister, a statement that didn’t sit well with her.

Following the banter and playful threats from Jamil, urging Imade not to accompany him to the beach, she eventually gave in and sweetly apologized to her best friend.Tunde Ednut, however, posted the adorable clip on his Instagram page, expressing admiration for the children.

“I’m just seeing this. ?????? Kids!!! Oh Gosh ??‍♂️,” he captioned the video.

To the surprise of many, Sophia Momodu took to his comment section to issue a warning, instructing him to refrain from posting images of her child.

“Don’t post my child,” she wrote unapologeticallyReactions as Sophia Momodu warns Tunde Ednut regarding her child
Star Power wrote, “Bitter baby mama. No wonder no saje man finds her attractive. Nine years later cannot find happiness and joy. Always bitter and fighting imaginary people.”

B Darlene wrote, “She should have masked her baby up. Pepper body.”

Youngest Dealer wrote, “Baby mama always get issue.”

Rugged 4 Jesus wrote, “Why? Small pikin’ mentality.”

Eyebreak D Rules wrote, “Take her off the gran. It’s not only Imade in the video Madam.”

Tontolo Fabrics wrote, “Her child, her business. You might be the dad’s friend but she doesn’t want hypocrisy.”

Elango Julie wrote, “She said what she said. It’s her child and she has the right to say that.”

No1 Sweetest Peach wrote, “I don’t blame her. You don’t like Sophie why post her child?

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