“Don’t get married; it’s a scam” – Maureen Esisi advises

"Don't get married; it's a scam" - Maureen Esisi advises

Nigerian entrepreneur, Maureen Esisi, a.k.a Red Vigor has advised those looking for a partner never to get married because it’s a scam.

The businesswoman made a long list of requirements and things to consider before getting married.Maureen Esisi gave some advice on her list: prioritise morality over religion, don’t ignore moral failings, have sex with your significant other before heading down the aisle, and learn to save money for a rainy day.

The ex-wife of actor, Blossom Chukwujekwu also noted that transparency in marriage is sometimes unhealthy.

She said divorce on the grounds of adultery is not a sin, be sexually compatible before marriage, do not marry a liability for the sake of love and respect is as important as food.

She added that understanding that your mother-in-law is not your mother, being respectful of each other’s privacy, and having money in a marriage are all very important.

Above all, Maureen declared in her conclusion, marriage is a fraud and no one should get married

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