Asari Dokubo denounces Tinubu’s govt, says it is the worst for Ijaw people [VIDEO]

Former militant leader Asari Dokubo has unleashed scathing criticism against the Bola Tinubu-led government, labelling it the “worst government” for the Ijaw community.

Dokubo’s vehement denouncement was in reaction to the current political crisis in Rivers state.

The incumbent governor, Sim Fubara, is an Ijaw man like Dokubo and his political fight with his predecessor, Nyesom Wike, is seen as an agenda against the Ijaw tribe, according to Dokubo.

In a video posted on his social media page, Dokubo condemned the government’s alleged marginalization of the Ijaw people, expressing grave concerns about their treatment under the current leadership.

He accused the government of exacerbating tensions within the community, likening its actions to adding fuel to an already burning fire of discontent.

Reflecting on the sentiments during the election period, Dokubo recalled conversations where fears were expressed among the Ijaw populace regarding the government’s stance towards their welfare.

He recounted having assured his people, promising to take responsibility if their expectations were not met.

Issuing a warning, Dokubo identified Rivers state as a potential epicentre for any future unrest in the south-south region, expressing his inability to intervene or restrain the sentiments brewing within the Ijaw community.

His words:

“Ijaw people are already angry that this is the worst government. This government is against the Ijaw people. And you want to add petrol to fire. This is the worst government. Ijaw people feel this is the worst government for them. This is a nightmare for them.

“When we were voting and campaigning for him, a lot of Ijaw people called me, ‘ Ah, presido, you know Tinubu, you know everything about Tinubu. Tinubu is your friend. We hope he is not going to look the other way o’, and I assured my people, I said if Tinubu fails, hold me responsible. And today, people are saying, are you still on that ‘if Tinubu fails, hold me responsible’.

“Rivers state is a litmus test. If there is going to be any fire, it will start in Rivers state. I cannot stop them. I, as an individual, I cannot stop them. I cannot even stand in their way because they will shove me aside.”

Watch the video below:

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