Anita Joseph floors troll who tackled her for not advising May Edochie to reconcile with Yul

Anita Joseph skillfully addressed a troll who attacked her for supporting May Edochie against her estranged husband Yul Edochie.

May has gained support from celebrities, Nigerians, and the larger social media community after her split from Yul.

Anita Joseph recently posted a video of herself and a few pals supporting May Edochie as she accepted the United Nations Eminate Peace Ambassador award at a recent event on her Instagram page.

Captioning the clip, Anita Joseph wrote;”The one whom God has blessed Shallom @mayyuledochie more to come congratulations again my Chick”

In response to her post, a troll criticized Anita Joseph in the comment section and expressed discontent that Anita Joseph didn’t actively work towards reconciling the marital differences between May Edochie and her estranged husband, Yul.

The troll wrote;

“No go advice her to go back to her hubby, de here de follow her for yansh.. later u go begin de post Bible n prayer wey no be real”

Firing back, Anita Joseph wrote;

“@chilaxynora you need sanctification”

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