All I have to bring to the table” – Blessing CEO brags in bikini

All I have to bring to the table" - Blessing CEO brags in bikini

Controversial relationship adviser, Blessing CEO rolls out bikini pictures, stirring a mix of reactions with some praising her confidence while others criticized her physique.

The social media influencer shared a photo of herself donning a striking black and gold embroidered bikini, emphasizing it as her only offer to a man.

Unfortunately, some individuals seized the opportunity to engage in body-shaming, drawing attention to Okoro’s tattoos and making derogatory comments about her appearance.

“All I have to bring to the table … Beach day ??,” she captioned the photos.One user, Amara, took it a step further by commenting on the perceived need for the body of Blessing CEO to undergo maintenance.

Another user, Big Chief Ellie, expressed concern, suggesting that Blessing might be a victim of spousal abuse and questioning if she required assistance.

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