“Age Is Setting in”: Netizens Taunt Yemi Alade’s Stage Performance

"Age Is Setting in": Netizens Taunt Yemi Alade's Stage Performance

Yemi Alade, a popular Nigerian singer, has sparked outrage on social media following a recent stage performance.

The Johnny crooner was among those who took the stage at the Night of Queens concert, and videos of her performance went viral.

Yemi Alade wore a red playsuit with matching red boots as she ran around and jumped on stage to get the crowd going in the video.

The energy of the music star was palpable as she moved her body to the beat of the drummer while dancing and singing on stage. Several netizens, however, were dissatisfied with what they saw.It did not take long for the video of Yemi Alade to spread on social media. It raised a series of mixed reactions from netizens. While the majority of them found the video amusing and condemned the singer’s outfit and dance moves, a few others praised her for maintaining her natural body and being energetic on stage.

Read some of their comments below:

its_modiva: “Nikinithis one she is dancing like white money.” amgold2: “She’s actually full of energy.”

Iam_amyzon: “Nigerians are the real bullý she’s an energy goddess, go watch all her performance yesterday and give her her flowers, stop finding faults in people and stop body shàming her cause u no near her.”

richy_billy_02: “Let’s not lie here this her stage performance is not staging.”

halvin_kings: “Omo age is setting in and she isn’t as nimble as she used to be but you can tell she is still very passionate about her work and I love it.”

esthersky_77: “Why she go wear this clothes her body doesn’t permit such.”

baxer1234567890: “She don look like old woman, very careless people when it comes to physique and eating habits yet claim they are beautiful. Watvh Rihanna after 2 years you can’t believe she ever had babies.”

mosco_pi: “So this lady doesn’t want to marry or av a child.”

darkblackboy001_: “If you tell our Nigerian ladies to take good care of their body, they will say you are body shaming them.” Igey_thompson: “Sis you need to hit the Gym.” Bigdidee: “This old woman should try rest Abeg.”

tolulope_____b: “Omo! To be a celebrity is not easy o, imagine waking up to read all of these negative comments after a really long night of performing on stage . Now I know why most of them fall into depression at the slightest change in their career.

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