Actor Apama surprises mother with dream house for Christmas

Actor Apama surprises mother with dream house for Christmas

Nigerian actor Apama delivered an unforgettable Christmas surprise to his mother, fulfilling a promise he had made to her.

In a heartwarming video shared on social media, Apama revealed that the house was the special Christmas gift he had been teasing his mother about.

He said; “I told my mum that I will surprise her this Christmas, now this is gift.”

The anticipation and excitement were palpable as his mother eagerly awaited the surprise.

As Apama’s mother laid eyes on the house, she was overcome with a wave of emotions.

The video captured her sheer joy and gratitude as she blessed and prayed for her son, expressing her deep appreciation for his thoughtful gesture.

Apama took his mother on a heartfelt tour around the new house, showcasing each room and its features.

The video captured their genuine excitement and admiration for the beautiful space.

From the living room to the kitchen, they explored every corner, creating cherished memories together.

The tour allowed Apama’s mother to envision a future filled with happiness and comfort in her new home.

The heartwarming video of Apama surprising his mother with a dream house has touched the hearts of many, highlighting the strong bond between a son and his mother.

@MOG reacted: “Apama how many movie role you take build this beautiful house…o any ways sha God knows best.”

@chybekee reacted: “Who else notice that Apama daughter is not happy, you don give this girl’s free hand too much. may God bless you sir.”

@Mazi Kean reacted: “The mother is now enjoying alone while the father is late.., I shall neva die young as a father IJN.”

@wesley_collins1 reacted: “Fathers never get credit I will never die early I will live to enjoy the fruit of my labor.”

@Sara153615 reacted: “Imagine your old house na some people prayer point. omo I tap from your blessings, Congratulations Apama.”

@INSIGHT reacted: “Chai! Mothers enjoy in this life more than Fathers.”

@sandygreat reacted: “Apama’s daughter is the guts for me? chai. na spoil dey worry that girl. she has to be trained properly.”

@piccolougouzowuru4 said: “Apama, God bless you brother, more blessings await you. Congratulations to mum.”

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